At the time I met Mara my company was going through some major organizational changes. Intrigued by her wealth of experience in the corporate world, I wanted to seek her assistance as I didn’t feel ready and confident enough to face uncertainty in my workplace. Mara helped me giving me structure and strength to my ideas and with a pragmatic approach. She guided me through the opportunities and the possibilities I couldn’t see on my own. In Mara you will find the perfect ally to tackle your fears and to explore beyond boundaries, she is empathetic always positive, and a genuine listener. I wish I would have met her earlier!


I worked with Mara on a personal coaching assignment for 5 weeks. The results I got far exceeded my expectations as well as influencing several aspects of my life beyond the sole business/career aspect. Highly recommended.



I engaged in Mara’s career coaching through Skype since May 2019.Mara has helped me to discover what I really want to do in my future career and coached how to achieve my goals. Mara’s program covered details such as how a resume should be and the importance of exposure/self promotion . My general experience with Mara’s program broadened my spectrum on my making my way towards my career goal. I recommend everyone whom is interested in making changes in their careers to sign up with Mara.She is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable sharing your goals and dreams



When I decided to start a coaching program I was in a moment of transition, I wanted to change my career definitely but I didn’t know how to do. Mara, with her empathy and professionalism, gave me clarity and other point of views. I started to go in deep and explore the industry I wanted. I built my confidence, learn how growth my networks and I reached my goal. I want to thank Mara and I have no hesitation in recommending her.



Mara was instrumental in my career progression. She guided me in strategic and practical approaches in order to obtain my current job. I highly recommend her for people who want to start a new career and do not know how to do. Mara is a great and knowledgeable career coach, her mentoring sessions also aim to improve individuals self esteem and confidence.



Before I met Mara I lacked direction from a personal and career perspective. After a number of sessions with Mara, she has become my lighthouse in the storm. What impressed me the most about Mara was her professional and empathetic approach. Mara allowed me to share my goals and dreams and has given me clarity as to how I am going to achieve them. I highly recommend Mara.



When I met Mara I was going through a difficult period at work and I felt the need to change my role where I currently work. I wanted to fill a role that at the time seemed very difficult to obtain. I decided to submit my needs to Mara, transforming them into objectives to be achieved. During our journey together, I was able to see beyond her professionalism and her enormous wealth of workplace experience and skills as a Coach. We started the Coaching process and after I achieved the role I wanted. Coaching is a journey that takes place in partnership and Mara was a perfect partner, I am very grateful to Mara and I highly recommend her career coaching style.